900Mah Ego Battery

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900mah Ego Battery:

The eGo 900mAh Battery is the essential e-cig battery for the vaper who doesn't need a lot of faff and fuss. What's fresh about this e-cig battery is the cool, sanitized durable exterior. It doesn't damage easily, it's smooth to the hand and doesn't get warm no matter how long it's held for.

The eGo Vape Battery 900mAh is the perfect purchase for vapers using sub-ohm electronic cigarette mods and tanks, or any of the other e-cig products setting the latest vaping trends. This electronic cigarette battery does the job it was made to do. With a five press sequenced initiation button and not a lot of anything else to fiddle around with, all that's needed is an e-cig atomizer attached to the 510 thread, load it with juice, and it's ready to go.

Another bonus with this electronic cigarette battery is that it's compatible with some of the lowest priced atomizers on sale today. It doesn't get better than the eGo E-Cig Battery 900mAh for easy and uncomplicated vaping

Features and Specs:

  • 900mAh

  • 510 Thread

  • 5 Click On/Off

  • USB Charge Cable – Not Included.

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